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About Tactical Media

At Tactical Media our mission is to make our clients the most successful in their field.

Tactical Media was founded by marketing veterans, Kit Hudson and David Leathers. For 15 years, Kit and David have combined their expertise in hands-on medical management, marketing and emerging media technologies to create success for life science, medical and non-profit clients.

Kit’s career began in the marketing department at CBS. He later became the Director of Marketing for Mattel’s “Wheels ‘n Wings” division where he caught the eye of Mattel’s Ad. Agency, FCB, and was recruited as a freelance creative director on mainstream Mattel accounts. This led to more freelance agency postings on national accounts such as Nintendo, Pepsi, Monsanto, General Mills and General Electric. But, a dermatologist appointment changed his career direction when his doctor asked if he could help launch her new “Cattleya” line of ethnic skin-care products. This led to a series of marketing consultation projects for life sciences companies like Edge Industries’ laser derm. systems, Polaris and Thermage RF systems and dental marketing company, Practice Builders.

David began his career in hospital administration at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Mo. and also served at St. Lukes-Roosevelt in New York. Later, at Kaiser Permanente Health Plan in Los Angeles, he started a successful community outreach program and then a regional image campaign, launching him into the world of medical marketing and corporate imaging for healthcare industries and services. He met Kit, who was recommended to him as a consultant and they formed their agency a year later based on a mutual vision. They shared the philosophy, reinforced by years of experience, that most savvy CEO’s have already formulated a vision and strategy for their company and basically need a powerful tactical arsenal that can refine and execute that strategy and achieve the desired results. Thus, Tactical Media was born.

They created a succession of national campaigns for prestigious non-profits such as Parents-As-Teachers, Goodwill Industries and the Store For Knowledge. A major campaign introducing a new Mercy Health Plans program throughout the Midwest established Tactical Media as a first-call provider of breakthrough medical marketing solutions.

A recent success story from the Tactical Media team took the body sculpting/weight management company, Advanced Lipo Dissolve, from start-up to market leader in under two years delivering a virtually unprecedented ROI of 700%.


Fast-forward to 2007-2008: With successful campaigns under their belt, the team noticed that emerging life sciences companies were attempting to penetrate the consciousness of today’s challenging investment and public relations universe with yesterday’s investor relations disciplines. Companies were waiting on creating dynamic media elements until they thought they could afford 4-A rated IR and PR firms. Consequently, they were failing to showcase the visionary value of their company in its most compelling stages of development.

David and Kit believe that elements of investor relations, PR and marketing strategy should develop in lock-step with early stage R&D and they recommend taking these important steps as early as Series 1 financing.

With current technology, Tactical Media’s in-house production facility can create 4-A quality video presentations, dynamic IR landing pages, concise graphics introductions to key clinicians and effective road show collaterals at affordable prices. With these media tools in hand, our clients usually elect to remain with Tactical Media to handle initial IR and PR outreach to the 50 primary business wire and financial press distribution outlets until they reach a valuation stage requiring the services of a larger firm.

The basic difference between Tactical Media and larger firms is that we do not service huge collateral loads, handle multiple road shows, or maintain contact with a myriad of specialized analysts & institutions. Our proprietary “Contrac” software, however, allows us to execute the exact initial outreach elements as larger firms at approximately one third of the cost. We maintain that we are more effective at this stage because our dynamic messaging tools allow our clients to rise above today’s IR and PR clutter. When our clients reach the valuation and collateral load levels that require the capabilities of a larger firm we generally assist in selecting a firm that can best service their needs.

We predict that our fresh approach will become the industry norm as our success stories abound.

Until then, we invite your company to become one of those trend-setting successes.

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